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The site might be up and down for a few more days while we iron out some more kinks. November 17 Added an option to only use the most recent images for the full body section. View change history. Full Body; Body Parts; Animals. Gender: Both, Male, Female. Clothing: Both, Clothed, Nude. Include NSFW images. The human figure has been the subject of drawings since prehistoric times. While the studio practices of the artists of antiquity are largely a matter of conjecture, that they often drew and modeled from nude models is suggested by the anatomical sophistication of their works. An anecdote related by Pliny describes how. Most people balk at the idea of stripping off in front of strangers – does doing it in the name of art make it any easier? My evening as a nude life model Anne Noble-Partridge, founder of London Drawing, senses my anxiety and reassures me that her students' objective is representing my image, not.

The human form, in all of its glorious architecture, is the theme of this collection of drawings. Here, artists capture the body's articulate eloquence in works that display both male and female figure studies. The nude subject is a powerful and inspiring muse, and artists interpret the human figure in a myriad of settings, periods. Luis and Annie decided to pose naked for a figure drawing class to face their insecurities about their bodies. View this video on YouTube. BuzzFeed Yellow / Via online-dog-training.info Annie explained that she wanted to participate because "I think I'll feel really empowered after doing this." Tap to play GIF. Share On. Some might think that posing naked for strangers would feel unsafe or objectifying, but I found it safer and less degrading than the street harassment to which I'm regularly subjected. Most people I've met at drawing sessions take it seriously and tend to be laser-focused on the task at hand. Plus, it's a pretty cool out-of-body.

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